copywriting-protect yourself

aids still doesn’t has a well cure nowadays, so many people die because of aids

if we do not protect ourselves,it can be happened on us someday,just like the ad ,

deadth could be so closed,it terrified each of us.

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copy writing-genius also want to try it

it is a very funny advertising,a man wears a t-shirt which has Einstein image there,

and the ad shows us even the genius also drink our beer,and the facial expression of Einstein

like to tell us the beer tastes good.

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copywriting-desire of beer

this is a heineken advertising,it shows a hand behine the advertisement board,

like want to through the board and hold the beer,this action shows us how attractive the beer is.

it sells the desier sucessfully.

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copy writing-saving pets

this ad can touch anyone who loves animals,people alawys do things

without considering others feeling,when they abandon their pet ,would

they think about the feeling of their pet?this ad helps animal to against those

irresponsible people.

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copywriting-release your wildness

this ad is showing us if u drink their product,you will release a invisible side of you-the night monkey,that means everyone can be wild if u try this drink.the slogan try to tell their audience that their product is interesting and suitable for youth.

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this advertisment is selling a message-no smoking
but it uses a funny and shocking metaphor-smoking just like killing yourself
every cigarette likes a cartridge of a gun,it will finally shots you.

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Anando milk

Anando milk
core message: if you drink Anando milk,you can be strong enough to pull over a part of building,just like the kid of the ad.
usp:make the children heavier and stronger.

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